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Dear Friends of the Health Basket

No this is not an April fools’ joke  - It is almost April after all, can you believe that?


How old are you?  Wait, that is a trick question why?    There are actually two types of aging.

Yes, two types.  One is your chronological age which is the one on your Birth certificate and the other is your biological age, which means this is how your cells are doing.

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells which plump up when given the right tools and flatten if not.   When they flatten this means toxins are circulating in our bodies so the good stuff cannot get in and the bad is not getting out.  You become a toxic pool causing cellulite and dull looking skin.

Here are some tips:

TIP NO : 1  -         Movement – yes like exercise.  When you sit for long periods your body will age faster.  If you have to sit for long periods pay attention to posture. 

TIP NO: 2  -          Drink lots of filtered water per day minimum 2 litres

TIP NO: 3 -           PAY ATTENTION TO EATING LIFESTYLE – hint:  Sugar is one of the most aging foods you can consume.  It’s not just sugar as we know it, what about all the hidden sugar? Even some sweeteners can do the same thing , if not worse.  We can help you with an anti aging eating plan email us for your appointment:      You need 1 hour.  If you are consuming a food you are sensitive to it will inflame you and age you at the same time.    email:

TIP NO: 4 -           Age is a number it’s all in your mind.  If you keep telling yourself you are old – that is what you will get. 

TIP NO: 5             Take at least 10 – 20 minutes ME time daily – schedule in 5 minutes barefoot walking on the lawn and maybe a 15 minute Epsom Salts DETOX bath – salts available in 1 kg at Health Basket.  Cost effective way to detox.  Wake up and be grateful for at least 3 things daily say them in your head.

TIP NO:6              SLEEP you need good quality uninterrupted sleep. Minimum of  7 hrs per night.  Taking sleeping pills does not help either.  So what can we do:  sleep gets interrupted by many things but here are some hints: 

Usually when you wake up early hours of the morning and cannot fall asleep again this could be a sign your liver is under stress.  So take DNA Dermaspor for at least 4 continual months, taken at night.  Other symptoms of sluggish liver, bloating, sore joints and muscles, brain fog, skin rashes to name a few.

If you are battling to fall asleep this could be a host of things:  To consider:  Food you consuming that you are sensitive to.  Hormones or adrenal glands.      Hormones are the most complicated one as they are adjusting all the time.   I do not know many people who have mastered this one.

 Adrenals – too much stress physically, mentally and through food choices causes adrenals to become depleted if you suspect this we can help you.  Symptoms could include light headedness when standing up, cannot switch off at night and cannot get up in mornings but energy improves late afternoon.  There are many symptoms.

Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies.  i.e. B12 Solgar Methcbalymin 1000iu per day and Solgar Magnesium Citrate taken at night can help.  These are the two most common linked to sleep problems.  Almost 80 percent if not more of our population is Magnesium deficient, they take time to get into the system and will not work overnight.

Quote:  “You can actually control many of the variables that contribute to your biological age. The research on aging says that inflammation is a huge problem that makes the body older and fatter. If your body is more inflamed, you’ll age faster. There are lots of details about free radicals, oxidation, hormones, etc. but the bottom line is that if you can address inflammation properly, you’ll age more gracefully. You’ll feel and look younger, you’ll have a lot more energy and you’ll burn off those extra pounds.





We spoke about inflammation in our last NEWSLETTER – we need to quiet the fire.  This takes time and a lot of dedication.  It is all always about how badly you want something.

We are so used to quick results, sadly it has taken a long time to get here it will take time to reverse.

What REALLY happened as you aged is that you started to lose precious muscle tone due to increased sedentary living. Muscle is what keeps your metabolism fired up.

  • Lose muscle and you lose the ability to burn calories as effectively.
  • Lose muscle and you lose your shape and your ability to do easy tasks like carrying heavy grocery bags or gardening or playing with grandkids.
  • Lose muscle and you start to LOSE YOUR YOUTH.

Muscle is NECESSARY for a healthy metabolism.

Muscle is more ‘dense’ than fat, it takes up less space, no matter what your weight. So, if you gain a pound of muscle and lose a pound of fat your body will take up less space. In other words, there is ‘less’ of you, so your clothes can get loose and baggy when you start to resistance train and tone up.

In addition to being able to lose centremetres off your body by adding a little muscle to your frame, you’ll also burn more calories (even at rest) with a fired up metabolism. Oh and best of all?  Muscle brings all the youthful curves to your body.”

So get some weights or kettle bell or join a gym, make an appointment with yourself and stick to it.  It is never too late to start.

STRESS:  How can we control this – if it is something you cannot control why are you stressing it?  Ask yourself this question.  It takes time and dedication.  21 days to change a habit. Stop reading the newspaper and watching the news so often it adds to stress.  You will be told of an event should you need to know.  Bad foods make you not able to handle stress well, lack of exercise also causes you not to handle stress well.

SMOKING AND ALCOHOL:  smoking (never mind that it is a carcinogen) need we explain and alcohol in excess can also age you.  A glass of good quality red wine occasionally is a great anti-oxidant.

You need to get in 6000 ORAC’S PER DAY what is an ORAC = Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.  * = available at Health Basket

*Cherry Active available at Health Basket contains all 6000 in a shot per day.

OR            try get these top 7 in daily:    2 Cups Organic Broccoli,   ¼ Avocados

½ Cup Red Cabbage, ½ *Paleo Organic Chocolate available at Health Basket has no sugar, dairy, 7 Walnuts,  ½ *Teaspoon Organic Ground Cinnamon, ½ *Teaspoon Organic Ground Tumeric


See yourself  Well :  Omega 3 it has an IFOS rating one of the best we know

Solgar Ester C – why? It helps with collagen and elastin on skin and joints

Rainbow Vibrance from Green Vibrance – powder Organic mix of all the ORAC’s you need in your regime daily to fight aging and calm inflammation coupled with your eating plan.

LifeMatrix Purple Protein Collagen Powder.  You need protein after exercise and also for good health this is a great choice.

Solgar Resveratol is likely to reduce oxidation and your risk of some dread diseases.  It has been known to switch on the longevity gene.  It is a kind of polyphenol.  Resveratol is also known to assist the brain function.

Maxi MSM – helps fight inflammation amongst many other benefits.  As we age our body gets depleted of this natural sulpher.  It will also help with joints, skin, nails and hair.

There are many supplements today on the market – these are the ones we would suggest.  Others you could include are Solgar Vitamin E provided you not on cholesterol statins.  Solgar B vitamins, glutathione the master antioxidant which works well with Selenium.  Solgar Co Q10 with ALA especially if you are on a statin drug as statin drugs depletes your CoQ10.

FACIAL PRODUCTS  :  Come look at our MELAN Range for best results.  I always say you have to treat it inside and out:  VISIT

Be Kind to one another

Margot, Craig and the Health Basket Team

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