Why Do You Stay Sick

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Hey Health Basket friends

For those of you that have gotten to know us will know that what we do is with PASSION and because we really do care.

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You have to be in our shoes to see how many sick people we see daily, ask yourself why?

Every day we meet 2 – 3 newly diagnosed patients.    Cancer, Autoimmune Disease and Colon issues are epidemic.

Here are 8 simple ways why you are staying sick...... and not healing.

Going on a gluten free diet often times leads to great improvements in most people’s health.  However, if we focus on the gluten free diet that everyone is following it is so outdated and based on 60 odd year old information and this is why so many still stay sick.

9 Simple ways to stay SICK.......

  1.  Eating processed foods – what are they?  Pre-packaged meals, cold meats,  Vienna’s (armpit meat) Take a-ways.  These are low in nutrients so you putting empty calories in your body that is not fuelling you or giving you nutrients.  We have an obese nation that is in malnutrition.  Think about that?  Why?  All the processed foods are filling your body with empty calories and expecting to have energy, focus and be in a good mood.  It is not going to happen.  Harbouring negative thoughts is as bad as eating a toxic plate of food. Let it go!
  2.  Eating processed Gluten Free foods – you will notice in our store we do not even carry these products why?  Read labels they are loaded with SUGAR and BAD FATS and other horrid ingredients.  How they get advertised by Big Companies as HEALTH FOODS gosh we think it is shocking.  They mis-lead our friends.  No wonder most are confused as to what is HEALTHY.    We try be your gate-keeper at Health Basket.
  3. Eating Genetically Modified Foods – Hint Corn/Soya  are two of the worst, we call this an aflotoxin.  Now there are a number who will argue with us on this subject, we are going to tell you there is enough evidence out there to prove these foods are causing more health issues than you will ever try understanding.  We are noticing an epidemic of colon issues, escalating every year.  When you put most on a real food lifestyle they get better.  Go figure.
  4. Ignoring exercise – now most think of exercise for weight loss or as a bore.   We look at exercise in a different way – we look at it to keep you young flexible and youthful also helping detox the body which is very important.  It’s a natural free anti-depressant, why is it not being prescribed?   You can be living 100 percent clean but if you are not exercising and sleeping naturally you can forget about a full recovery.
  5. Going to bed late – Rest is critical for hormone regulation and healing.
  6. Avoiding Sunshine – Vitamin D – I believe it to be one of the important tests to have done.  85% of South Africans are D deficient.  We have Vitamin D in a transdermal patch.  D deficiency can cause bone pain, low mood, sweating on the head, and weakened immune system to name a few of the many.  Get it tested or just supplement.
  7. Drinking unfiltered water – BPA plastic water bottles are also not the answer.  We are now finding prescription medications in our drinking water.  Add to this all the other chemicals and you have a wonderful cocktail of artificial estrogens and antidepressants in your water.  L
  8. Over Using Medication – a PILL for every ILL.  Gosh you cannot put a plaster on your cars dashboard warning light why do you believe a prescription pill will make it go away.  Pain killers do not kill the pain – they switch off a part of your brain that reads pain.  The problem is still there.  Always ask what is causing this symptom.  Is it maybe a nutritional deficiency or even worse a food I am sensitive too/lacking or too little rest.  Your body warns you all the time – are you listening or putting bandages on problems?  Those again who know us well, Craig and I always try looking for WHAT IS CAUSING IT?  Speak to as many people as possible, research and don’t give up searching you will find the answer.  Sadly we all want quick fixes, well what if we tell you there aren’t any.  We can help email healthbasket1@mweb.co.za  for your appointment.
  9. Supplementing –We believe this to be an important part of a healthy regime, but are you buying cheap supplements and causing more harm?  Do it proper or leave it alone.

You need to buy GMP Quality Products without nasty fillers and binders.  Cheap supplements can come from Genetically Modified Substances and can be still keeping you sick.

Our food is already at least 5 days old if we lucky by the time it reaches the shelves, then we cook it in microwaves  and it further destroys what was left in the food.  Our soils are completely depleted of all the minerals needed for good health.  Then they spray our food with pesticides, these pesticides interfere with hormones and cause gut distress.  So what is left by the time we serve it on the table? 

We suggest two basic supplements:  A good quality Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement – the one we choose is VIRIDIAN High 5.  As well as a Good Quality GMP IFOS rated Omega 3.  Not all Omega 3 are equal.  Pay top dollar for your Omega 3 or leave it alone.  Omega 3 helps mood, memory, joints, skin, heart, and cholesterol to name a few.  You cannot really get enough Omega 3 in from your food.

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