Why We Supplement

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Back to reality, why we supplement:

Margot and I have just spent an amazing adventure in Europe. On our travels we started noticing certain trends throughout the trip. Things that caught our attention were the volume of well supported small businesses, the trimmer waist lines and how calm the children were. We had to start asking ourselves why......

The availability of organic produce is amazing; we found Bio (Organic) stores everywhere. We also saw how many small farms there were. Fresh food markets were scattered around the cities. Restaurants were been supplied not by huge manufacturers and distributors but by local food producers. The end product is fresh, clean and for the most of it organic. The nutritional value of European food is without a doubt higher and healthier.

Back to reality, what we are offered through our vast super market chains is mostly over processed. The use of herbicides and pesticides is rife. South Africa is a test ground for genetically modified foods. The nutritional base of what is on our current super market shelves is questionable. Our soil is becoming eroded of minerals; the food is full of toxins. Eating has become a logistical minefield.

The sad reality is that we are the ones that have become nutritionally deficient. For example, next time you feel like eating salmon check if it is wild caught or farmed. Farmed fish have lower nutritional values than there wild cousins. Genuine free range meats contain higher nutritional than there caged counterparts.

In order to thrive not just survive you need to remember the basics of daily quality supplements:

A Quality Multi Vitamin – Viridian /Solgar /Green Vibrance

A Quality Omega 3 Oil – See Yourself Well / Solgar

A Quality Anti Oxidant – Solgar Ester C


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