Winter Flu Bug Fight Back

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So while Winter is being sneaky and coming in the back door – I think it is time to talk about how we can keep our bodies strong to fight off infection.

Believe it or not the first things to do are to make sure we stay well hydrated with fresh filtered water.

Then look at the Sugar consumption = Winter tends to make us want more “comfort foods” which contain Sugar and Sugar does lots but on this topic it definitely weakens your immune system and causes nasal congestion. So avoid Sugar wherever possible. How much SUGAR are you consuming? Take a listen to this and count again:

Food Sensitivities/Allergies can weaken the immune system, so if you know you struggling with a food – stay away your body warns you all the time all you have to do is listen.

Hey some good news Health Basket has Chocolates that are sweet with no Sugar and No Dairy – how is that for some good news to comfort you.

Have your  Vitamin D – levels checked, we believe this to be such an important one:  To recap what Vitamin D does:  Helps your immune system, helps mood (especially for those struggling with low mood over the winter months)  helps calcium magnesium be absorbed.    There are so many benefits of Vitamin D from Metagenics and it is affordable too.

Ester C 1000mg Solgar – Boosts immune system, affordable anti-oxidant, helps collagen in skin, heart and joints.  Craig and I believe that it’s Solgar Ester C that has kept us away from flu’s and colds for the last 7 years.  So let us see if we can make it 8. The art of course is to take it all year around and not only in Winter.

Did you know that approximately 75% of your immune system lives in the gut?  Yes the gut.  So a good quality Probiotic from Solgar or Metagenics is recommended.

Did you also know that no dread disease can thrive in a body with a healthy immune system? 

So it is time to fight back. TO SUM IT UP:    If your immune system is compromised.  Clean up your diet, exercise and drink fresh filtered water.  Avoid food allergies, Sugar and Processed foods and supplement as recommended.

If you unsure of what foods you battling with make an appointment with us at

GREEN VIBRANCE – Contains: to name a few:  Probiotics 25 Billion of them.  Vitamin D,  Vitamin C and BETA GLUCANS. What is Beta Glucan?

Beta Glucan belong to a group of physiologically active compounds called “biological response modifiers” and represent highly conserved structural components of cells walls in yeast, fungi, and seaweed. Technically Beta Glucan is an immunomodulator which helps make your immune system smarter. It can help raise your immune system’s response so your body can naturally fight off and kill cancer. The term immunomodulator here is the real key; it is not an immune stimulate. Immune stimulation presumably occurs with substances like Echinacea and Colostrum. Beta Glucan modulates or activates but never over stimulates, which is key to the safety of this product.

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Another client popped into the shop on Saturday saying we had told her 4 years ago to cut certain foods out of her life, which she did not and went on to become very ill.  Now a Doctor 4 years later told her the very same story and she listened and is doing great.  Gosh we must change our initials to Dr.

Craig and I spend our time off studying, reading, following webinars, going to seminars to keep up to date with latest Research and Developments in our Industry, this is our passion this what we enjoy.  I guess we should know something by now.

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