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Those of you who know us well will know how passionate we are about gut health.  We need to emphasise over and over HEAL THE GUT and you Heal so many of your symptoms and challenges from:

WEIGHT HEALTH – With an unbalanced microbiome, you will struggle with weight issues.

How does our gut microbiome become unbalanced?  There are many factors here are a few:

Lack of Sleep, Processed foods, Glyphosate (weed killer-  being sprayed on our foods, hence we always encourage Organic vegetables), Sugar, Sweeteners, Electric Magnetic Fields (Cell phones etc) and chronic stress– there are many more.

BRAIN HEALTH – Yes our Gut and Brain is connected – why are not more Specialists talking about this important factor?  There is a nerve the Vagus nerve that connects the gut and the Brain.  Many people can even struggle with chronic neck pain all coming from the gut via the Vagus nerve!

IMMUNE FUNCTION – There are more immune cells in the gut than in the rest of your body put together.  Get your gut healthy and you improve your immune system.

HORMONE HEALTH – All of your hormones are not only produced throughout the endocrine system, but are also produced in the Gut.  For Example Thyroxin is produced in the Thyroid but also in the Gut.

Craig and I are always Researching and trying to find ways to help people heal their Gut as this seems to be an epidemic at the moment from IBS, Crohn’s, IBD, Celiac, SIBO and Leaky Gut.  Leaky Who?  Leaky gut is when the tight junctions start leaking food particles into the bloodstream literally poisoning you and creating a string of food allergies and autoimmune diseases.

We Researched and Learnt about a new Gut Game Changer fairly recently launched in South Africa.  Welcome FLORISH spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid.

What Makes FLORISH worth trying.  It contains Spores with Five Bacillus bacteria strains with Fulvic Acid.  In understanding the spores, think seeds and just as seeds are naturally preserved until they reach the right soil and environment conditions this is what Spores do.  Fulvic Acid assists with digestion, nutrient absorption and even brain health.

Every chronic disease can be traced back to a dysfunction in the gut. Chronic medications do not fix the chronic condition they manage symptoms.  Why not look for the route cause?

FLORISH is safe to take even when pregnant or breast-feeding.  The only consideration when starting to heal your gut with this product you MUST start SLOW one capsule with meals every second day.  Monitor for any “die off” symptoms, headaches etc. if nothing after a week increase to one per day.  After another week, you could try 2 with meals taken at once.

One consideration as with anything in LIFE if you want to heal you need to consider looking at your fuelling habits – should you need help with that we can assist you  or you can purchase a lifestyle plan on our Web page:  www.healthbasket.co.za or email us on info@healthbasket.co.za

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