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We are all hopefully having time to reflect during the last few months, I know I certainly have.   I Been thinking about what I would love to rush back to, our world as we knew it was “Bent” maybe even “Broken”  Life was moving too fast, people were losing patience and empathy as life was just too busy.  Our universe was taking a pounding from pollution and imbalance.
 I would love to share my journey with you and maybe somewhere, somehow it can help you too.
I would wake up with this overwhelming anxiety soon after lock down – it did take me a few weeks to work out it was my unrealistic perception of how it used to be in business.  As soon as I balanced my mind to the benefits of how it is:  Shorter more realistic working hours, more family time.  Time to learn new things, time to read that book I had no time to do before.  What a blessing and calmness came over me.  What I have realised is that we have no control over this current situation, so why am I anxious about it.  Rather look for hidden blessings; rather look at trying to do business outside the box to stay afloat.  Try improving on your service, re-looking at what we can do differently.
Stay grateful and feel the gratitude from within until you almost get a tear of gratitude.  We have so much to be grateful for our homes, food, family, and sunshine/rain.  I have found the more things in my life I become truly grateful for the more I attract.  It might be that positive feedback from one of you we helped somewhere along the way.  We are ALL living in an illusion if we think life must be always perfect and never challenging.  It is the challenging times that should be pushing us up a gear to think different, be different.  I still believe as crazy as this sounds this perceived negative we are going through there will be so very many positives that come out of it too.  LIFE IN BALANCE.
It is not a fun time, but  for me personally a time of reflection and massive inner peace/ growth.
We cannot have day without night or happiness without sadness it just cannot be.  This challenge is trying to push us up a gear to reflect and see how we can do things differently.
I repeatedly say stand Guard to the Doors of your Mind…think about that a moment?  Do not let the noise from the outside drown our spirits in the inside.
Wake up with Gratitude for what you have SAY IT OUT LOUD every single day – FEEL IT
Look where you want to be not where you do not want to be.
I have realised that things are not important.  I have realised to ask do I want it or need it?
Keep your life simple do not clutter with things and see how much lighter and more fulfilled you are.
Things will never ever buy your health or happiness.
Never judge people you do not know what they going through, and besides you just dis-empower yourself every time you judge someone.
There will never be a CRISIS without a BLESSING – look you will find your own blessings in your current situation.
We are grateful to each and every one of you who continually support our Family Business.
We are grateful we love what we do and do it with passion.
We are grateful to our Landlords who continuously strive to keep us all safe and support us.
We are grateful to our staff who have remained passionate and upbeat through all the “chaos”.
Take time to look -  there is so much to be grateful for.
If you have any feedback on how we can do business even better at Health Basket we would love to hear from you.
If you would like assistance on trying to see the order in your perceived chaos let us know if we can help?
Stay safe – remember to keep your immune system strong.  Fear weakens your immune system let us not FEAR this let us learn and embrace what we can do different.
As soon as Restaurants and Hairdressers are allowed to trade,  we will be taking Scio Appointments once again.  We have a waiting list already if you would like to go on the list email us on:
The Scio for those that do not know assists with finding what the imbalances are in the body and we assist to correct those helping many regain health and lose weight.

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